How Online Reviews Affects SEO And Marketing?

Local SEO as a whole is highly recommended for business. That is why you should start that campaign as early as possible. That is why this article will focus on some different factors that Google will take into consideration when it comes to local SEO. Reviews can affect customer behavior and how to handle customer reviews is an important skill. Considering the importance of online reputation, a skilled marketer can turn detractors into promoters. Aside from the usual impact, customer reviews also affect a website"s ranking. Jacksonville SEO expert takes into consideration all these factors when optimizing your website.

Don"t ignore customer sentiments

Customer reviews include comments whether positive or negative. Aside from the comments themselves, qualifications of a client can influence your company, your customer experience, and increase or decrease your sales. Something that businesses and entrepreneurs need to understand is that consumers are always changing and if you do not adapt to changes your company is bound to close. No company is immune to this inevitable fact of business. Even giant companies such as Kodak and Blockbuster suffered the grim fate.

Google factors in online reviews

According to a study by MOZ, customer ratings represent a third of the key factors taken into account by Google about local SEO. Google also considers certain parameters for these classifications, such as quantity and quality of reviews and the reliability of the websites where the rankings were made. For this reason, Google My Business is an extremely important platform that should not be neglected. Other important customer review websites that should be considered are TripAdvisor and Yelp.

Good online reputation can lead to growth

With the Internet and the presence of numerous competitors, your customers leave reviews can make a difference in obtaining new clients. Many customers use the rankings as a reference to make a final choice on the company, as I tell people to influence people, so we have to be careful with classifications. A study of SearchEngineLand says that 91% of consumers are occasionally reading online ratings of local businesses. This applies in particular to some companies offering a service like catering (restaurants/cafes), lodging (hotels / B & Bs), medical / health care, clothing stores, beauty/barber shops, grocery stores and auto services.

Positive ratings (often represented by a star rating) encourage confidence in your business even before going to your shop. Almost 83% of Internet users rely on reviews they read online about a business or service. For this reason, positive ratings play a major role in the reputation and legitimacy of your business. SEO expert will take advantage of these circumstances to further boost your position.

Customer ratings connected to accounts like the Facebook page of your company can be easily viewed on your Google My Business account. Potential customers seeking information about your company online can easily find the reviews about your company. Depending on the results, the internet will continue to investigate about your business or, on the contrary, seek alternative options.

Practical tips

Another key point to remember is the importance of responding to customer reviews, especially if they are negative. Negative ratings are considered more important because of the influence by customers, so it is extremely important to try to interact with them to change their rating, and this shows that your business cares about the views and concerns and will do anything to correct the problems.

About 59% of consumers make a decision after reading comments about a company.

How to make your customers leave feedback about your business:

  • Register your business in many online directories about your activity.
  • Develops its presence in social networks and includes a survey link to encourage them to leave a review about your business.
  • Research good tips about Social Media that can help you improve your strategy in social networks.
  • Send an email to your customers after an order or service use.
  • Reward your customers. For example, offer a discount in exchange for a rating.

If the customer uses the discount given, there is a good chance that they will write about their experience. Therefore this will be good, and your business will receive a positive review.

These are the tips that you can use for your local marketing. If you have any other tips, feel free to leave them in the comments section.

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