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Children's Books..With a Difference
Family Stories with Memorable Characters

Kady Books, Children's Book Publisher, specializes in quality stories with good morals and family values.

Here you'll meet all the memorable and lovable animal critters who live in the garden and greenhouse of Miss Petunia Bed in these timeless children's books.  You'll also find stories of  regular kids and their adventures in life; a trip to the farm, finding a playmate, and even going to daycare for the very first time  (Will it be something wonderful? Only Daryl can tell you!

All of these exciting and unique adventures, in colorful illustrated children's picturebooks, are geared towards youngsters ages 2 and up

If you like a good series of children's literature, try our Garden Series.  These fun tales focus on our animal friends, particularly a quiet little frog named Odist A. Frog. In each book you'll discover new friends and visit old favorites. There is no standard order, so start wherever you like! As with all our books, these stories center around good family values and the important of being kind to others.

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School Special!
Keep track of those community services with a new record book created by Kady Books.

Good for all grades.
It's never too early to start preparing for college.

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manners2cov1.jpg (2712 bytes)Little Folks & Table Manners Too
by Dorthy Kostroun, Illustrated by Kelita Alberts

Sit up straight at the table and Don't Talk With Your Mouth Full...
Our animal friends illustrate all those elements of proper table etiquette in a lovable and humorous manner. Colorful illustrations provide a fun way to learn manners.

Attention Parents
Looking for books with good values and morals for your children?

You'll find them here at Kady Books. Our stories are written with the family in mind. Each adventure concludes with a positive and uplifting moral, so children hear valuable lessons as they have fun reading about their favorite characters.

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